Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Had wonderful time with my best friend

We sight-seeing, we shop, we eat, we chat, and we take photographs. We take cab, we take bus, we take mrt, and also by car.

We see roads beautifully decorated with Christmas trees, bells, reindeers, and santa claus in conjunction with Christmas, we see many foreign tourists with their tots, we see many people with their shopping bags, including us. :)

We tried on shoes, clothes, but not jewelries, although we went into the shops. I bought few clothes for my young ones and myself, and she bought few clothes for herself. Oh ya, I also bought a Corelle casserole for my mum.

We eat nice Japanese food, durian pancake, sweet Korean strawberries, sweet grapes, sweet apples, passionate passion fruits, almost near-fresh figs, oyster omelette, and char kuey teow. I had spaghetties and she had salad. We also had dessert. I order white eggs in almond, and she order mango pomelo sago? Am I right? :)

I miss her. I miss the place. I miss the food. I miss the time when we are together. It's a memory now. Time flies, flies non-stop.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

another milestone for him

As I were lazy to prepare a tub of bath water for him, I start to bathe him with showerhead for err...few times? ...hahaha. I put him on a small chair, and spray from the top. His eyes were looking at my showerhead with mouth wide opened. So, he swallowed the water. Turn off the water tap. Covered him with shampoo and shower gel. And again, I spray from the top, and again, he swallowed the water. And then, when comes the time to wash his butt thoroughly, I put him on the floor and asked him to squat down. He stood still. I said again, "squat down". He still stood still. So, I helped him. How? I whacked behind his knees. And he's in squating position immediately. About 2 times of bathtime thereafter, when I said "squat down", he obediently followed my instructions...hahahaha....It's beautiful. He might be small physically, but, do not think that his mind is small too. The Creator's creation is always so amazing.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

my mornings

Lately, Hao Yang wakes up quite early. Around 7.30 am. Probably, due to bedroom's and bathroom's door noise. Krekkk....Krekkk....err..it's like that one...Anyway, I'm happy to see him awake... :)
I feed him water, carry him around, play with him, make him cry, make him laugh, and leave him somewhere, and when I'm not in his sight, I quickly run to upstairs to take bath! Or else, he will be following me up. During my bathtime, I feel a sense of err...how should I put it? I don't know..no doubt, it's tiring to entertain the young ones, but...they can make me forget everything about work, they can actually help me to relieve stress...hehehe
They make my day. Thank you...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

when my 2nd child fell sick

Today is my 2nd child's birthday. No celebration for him. He was down with fever since Sunday night.
I took leave to bring him to see his paediatrician. After physical examination, Doc couldn't find out what's the cause. Though I was calm externally, but, internally, I was anxious, panic, worry, upset, and etc...Doc suggested we take blood test for dengue and urine test for infection. Doc took his blood. He cried his lungs out! Even before that, he already cried when he sees Doc. And now, Doc asked 'Is he potty trained?' 'HAR?' I thought Doc will get his urine by himself. Or at least, Doc should give me some tips. Instead, he asked me that.
Anyway, out of Doc's room, me and my MIL trying to shi shi him. Instead of obediently follow our instructions, he wants to take away the urine container. So, no choice, I forcefully feed him water. And fighting ensue. I know he's unwell. I know he's sleepy. I know he's moody. But, I just can't give up. I know that I just had to take his urine for the test! Or else, I will go crazy. He peed when we let our guard down. I only managed to collect 1 drop of his urine after about 20 mins! So little, and yet, so precious. Quickly, I showed it to the nurse. Hmm...nurse said, they will try to culture it. But, it would be better if I have more. So, I asked for another clean container.
Try for another 10 mins. I gave up. I pity him. He's really sleepy. I feel I should let him sleep first. I feel I should only try again after his nap. So, off we get our car. As we were inside the car, my MIL realised that she left her paid parking ticket at the machine! OMG! She ran back, and left me and my 2nd child inside the car without car key. So, no key, no air con! I do not know why I feel the urge of trying to get his urine again. So, I pull down his pants, put the container below his little bird, and said shi shi. AND he did as I said!!! More than I asked!! Whoa!!! He wet my pants and car seat too! Anyway, it doesn't matter.
Results out. -ve for both tests. A bit relieve. As I'm more calm now, I could use my head to think of what next step should I take. Alternative medicine. Yes, alternative medicine. Doubled-boiled ling yung for him.

There's improvement on my 2nd child's fever, but, still not completely subside. So, I request my MIL to bring him to see Chinese Physician. Took 1 packet of powder.
Result? No fever, but red spots starts to appear on his face. Bring him back to the Chinese Physician, he confirmed those are heaty rashes and toxin.

No fever. Just red spots. Walk like drunken man! Few steps forward, few steps backward, left, and right! And 'PONG'! Knock his head against cabinet. Outcome? Cries!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Feasting on local fruits

No doubt I love imported fruits such as cherries, strawberries, peaches, Japanese/Korean grapes, blueberries, lychees. But, I can't deny the fact that our local fruits are on par with these. Maybe I just take our local fruits for granted. Maybe I just get bored of it. Been feeding with local fruits for almost the whole life. So, you can't blame on me.
Lately, I've been feasting on the local fruits, after lychee season ended. Few weeks ago, I had durian. Ehh...Why I did not see any peach? Peach is the summer fruit. Summer has ended, but, didn't manage to see a peach this year. I really love peaches! I miss peaches!!!
Anyway, I'm starting to appreciate with what we have here. I had mangosteen, duku langsat and rambutan yesterday night! I did not take my dinner, as it's already late after arrived home from work. Maybe I did not drink much water thereafter, it resulted my body producing phlegm more than as usual, which caused me to wake up in the middle of the night just to clear it! And I'm so sleepy now...-__-

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Unfortunate incidents make us realised what is the meaning of appreciate and grateful

Abroad, we have our King of Pop, and back home, we have our Yasmin Ahmad who went to the spirit world recently.
My own acquaintance? About 2 weeks ago, my colleague told me that her friend's son is in coma. The boy is just 1 year and 10 months old. On that fateful day, he was with the maid at the rear seat, while the mother at the front seat. He was chatting, kissing, and playing with his mother. I believe, he wasn't buckled up. The maid was sleeping. At one point, the driver was avoiding something, resulting the car hit the divider and spin few times. During the spinning, the boy was flung out onto highway's drain through the rear window. The body looks scratched a little bit, except the head. His head swollen. And he was put in ICU for few days. Scan result shows that his brain is dead. However, the family is still hoping he will be alright. Few days later, the Doc realised that his spine is broken. Besides that, his mouth was bleeding, because he was biting his own tongue. One week has passed. Went for 3 brain scans. The mother give in. She decided to turn him off from the life support.
This morning, I received a sms from my friend. One of our friend's daughter passed away yesterday. Reason being? No one knows the answer. Waiting for post-mortem result. Her daughter is just 3 years old! I've seen her photo before. She's a normal and healthy child. Her looks resembles the mother.
Our neighbour who lives 2 doors away was down with lung cancer. This surprise us. Because she's a normal housewife who cleans the house everyday. She's someone who did the laundry everyday. She's someone who does gardening everyday. She's not old. She's not fat. Their family car Honda rarely touched! Instead of driving that car out to fetch his son to and fro school, she chose to drive a smaller car. Her husband ride motorcycle to work. One word. Thrifty. After her diagnose, I never see her again. Maybe she stays indoor all the time. Or maybe she's in the hospital. After all the sacrifices, yet to enjoy or reap the fruits she has to be bed-ridden.
It make me ponder what is life? What is there in the afterlife world? Is life just about suffering? Suffering from illness? Suffering from lack of money? Suffering from lack of power?
Yesterday my husband said to me "The other day when I went to attend the class with my mum, we sat next to each other. I saw her hands. Her hands wrinkled a lot". Time flies. We aged with time. We definitely cannot stop time. Other than appreciate with what I have and be grateful, I do not know what else can I do..

my best friend's wedding

Don't worry, I did not flirt with her husband...hahaha...ehh...but, din see my best friend in the pic...hahaha...no VIPs again..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

to be or not to be angry with him...

I overslept this morning. Woke up by my husband. Alarm clock shows it's 7.10am! Normally, at this hour, I will be feeding him or washing my undergarments.

I was so happy that at least it is still not to late for me to be prepared to work. But, the moment I saw a pot of cooked oatmeal and heard the noise from washing machine, my gratefulness turned to anger. This shows that my husband already up very early. I was thinking why he didn't wake me up early too? While he's cooking mee suah, I stormed into kitchen. I asked him. And he replied was 'I wanted you to sleep longer'. OMG!!! What a @#$%^&!!!!!
Let me sleep longer? And make me rushing like a torpedo? Normally, every morning before off to work, I will feed the baby first. Luckily this morning, he did not put up struggle with me. After 10 mins of sucking, he doze off. Hurriedly, I wash my pump and bathe. In the meantime, I tried to control my anger. I do not want to start my day with anger.

I saw mee suah on the dining table. Thinking I won't have time to enjoy it at home, I will enjoy it during the journey instead. Hehehe...

During the journey, I asked him again.
He said 'I just thought that you can sleep longer'.

I said 'So that you can see me rushing like mad after that?!!'
He replied 'No, I did not think of that'.

And I asked another question which I wanted to ask long, long time ago 'Why you always switched off the night lamp's switch but not the power supply switch? Since you want to off the night lamp, then, you should switch off the power supply's switch. Why want to waste electricity?!!' (Power supply switches has light indicator that shows Power is ON)

Then, he told me 'At least you can see around if you need to wake up in the middle of the night with that small light'.

How thoughtful. He makes my day...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Yaki Yaki Japanese buffet

This is my very first to go for a Japanese buffet. While on my way there, I was wondering what will they offer. The restaurant is just situated next to Low Yat Plaza. We parked our car at the mall, and walked to our destination restaurant.

We were greeted by friendly staffs, were ushered by one of them. Good service. But, I feel the seating layout is poorly designed. They might have a reason for doing so. But, imagine, instead of walking straight to my seat where I can see from the moment I entered the restaurant, I have to walked further to be seated. Our seats were in the middle of the restaurant, and it was some sort fenced up at four sides and there are only 2 exit points to the seats. Not only that, we need to climb the staircase, it is akin to walking up to the stage. As soon as we arrived at our seats, comes a friendly staff asking me whether I need high chair. Hmm..another thumbs up for good service.

I do not know where to begin with the food as the food was located at about 7 locations. So, I have to walk around to survey. Hmm...not bad, at first thought. A lot of varieties. There are yaki-yaki, tempura, tea & coffee bags, juices, cocktails, fresh seafood & fresh meat to grill by ourselves, cooked vegetables upon orders, sharksfin soup, salad, fruits, desserts(tong sui/cakes), fresh sashimi, ice-cream, handrolls, and of course sushi. Yummy!
Given a chance, yes, I will go there again!

@MYR 48.75 on weekdays.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

thumb sucking

One of the thing that attracted me is his thumb sucking. So much like a baby. HE sucked quietly to sleep.
Out of the blue, I feel sucking is not right. So, I browsed the internet to look for more information. To my horror, it is not right!
What I found?

Does thumb-sucking cause any problems?
Prolonged thumb-sucking may cause a child to develop dental problems. Thumb-sucking can cause a child's teeth to become improperly aligned (malocclusion) or push the teeth outward, sometimes malforming the roof (upper palate) of the mouth. Malocclusion usually corrects itself when the child stops thumb-sucking. But the longer thumb-sucking continues, the more likely it is that orthodontic treatment will be needed to correct any resulting dental problems.
A child may also develop speech problems, including mispronouncing Ts and Ds, lisping, and thrusting out the tongue when talking.

I guess I should be thinking of how to get rid of this habit..and I really believe, it won't be easy..*sigh...another nightmare beings..